Today we’re very excited to announce that our company has a new logo! We have spent a lot of time making our new brand a reality, and we can’t wait to share the news with you. Saying goodbye to our old logo wasn’t easy as our old friend had served us well for more than a few years, but a touch of freshening up was much needed.

Our team just returned home from a 3 month trip to China where we took part in the HAX programme. If you missed this you can read all about it here. Earlier this year we took a strategic decision to build our own weather sensing technology in order to enrich our weather analytics and forecasting services. With this new business strategy comes a new brand identity which we are all very excited about. Working with cutting edge technology and creating an innovative weather station demanded that we have a brand identity that embraces our company’s spirit.

We wanted our new logo to reflect the energy, technology and innovation that surrounds us every day. There is more to this logo than meets the eye. It has been designed as a sum of many triangles representing the weather pyramids we are creating and the data insight they brings. The strapline “Weather on Demand” reflects the ease by which our weather sensor can be deployed, the ability to create weather data adhoc and the communication advantages that they bring.

The colours within the main logo represent the sum of the colours of our two main services: WeatherXM & ForecastXM

Our new brand has already been embedded on to our new website and you can see the results here.

From all of us here at Ex Machina we hope that you like it!