On April 15, 2016 the 4th Athens IoT Meetup was organized by Ex Machina and Resin.io at Innovathens, Technopolis. What made this a special event, was the presence of many leading international IoT drivers, such as the Eclipse Foundation and the well-known IoT sensors designer and manufacturer Libelium. Ex Machina is making use of Eclipse services and Libelium hardware in its IoT solutions.

With a rich flavor of open source software and hardware the invited speakers presented the latest advancements in IoT in Europe through use-cases, software tools and hardware.

Eclipse IoT provides open source implementations of the standards, services and frameworks that enable an Open Internet of Things.

Libelium designs and manufactures hardware and software (SDK) for wireless sensor networks so that system integrators, engineering, and consultancy companies can deliver reliable Internet of Things, M2M, and Smart Cities solutions with minimum time to market.

Two international research centers recognized as Europe’s leading institutions in IoT technologies Create-NET & INRIA as well as Jolocom an IoT startup working on a decentralized data sharing and collaboration tool for the sharing economy.

The speakers and the links to their presentations / videos are listed below:

  1. Charalambos Doukas, Create-NET, presenting the AGILE-IoT Project. Video | Presentation.
  2. Benjamin Cabe, Eclipse Foundation, talking about building the Internet of Things with open source and Eclipse IoT projects. Video | Presentation.
  3. Davide & Javier from Libelium, presenting how to build your IoT project with Libelium devices: from sensors to the cloud. Video | Presentation.
  4. Emmanuel Bacceli, INRIA talking about RIOT and the evolution of operating systems for IoT devices. Video | Presentation.
  5. Joachim Lohkamp, Jolocom describes how to Manage your data across platforms. Video | Presentation.

The purpose of this meetup was to help build and progress the IoT community in Athens, bring people of different backgrounds in touch, create synergies, share interesting stories, inform and inspire.

Over 100 IoT-istas attended the event, while our meetup community increased by almost 30% (from 300 to 450 members) thanks to this event!

Stay tuned for the coming events!

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