Introducing WaterXM

WaterXM is a low-cost IoT solution ideal for rice paddy fields. It provides real-time monitoring of water level, salinity and weather conditions and a self-learning forecast that enables major optimizations in irrigation.

ForecastXM - Energy Forecasting

Next generation smart water monitoring

Optimize your irrigation plan with a low-cost IoT solution ideal for rice paddy fields.

Greece has more than 20.000 ha of rice fields. Every 1 ha of rice field consumes on average 11.200 m3 of irrigated water. To avoid water waste, improve pesticides and fertilisers efficiency, farmers need to have a better idea on water consumption, thus their paddy water level.

Ex Machina has developed WaterXM, a smart rice paddy solution that enables farmers to monitor remotely, in real-time, multiple parameters on their field, such as water level, water salinity and weather conditions (temperature, humidity, wind, rain, etc). Our solution is complemented with a hyper local weather forecast that improves its accuracy over time, by “learning” the microclimate of the deployed field.

Ex Machina’s WaterXM is utilizing it’s low-cost solar-powered IoT node to connect rice field specific sensors to the cloud, display crop data on user-friendly dashboards and alert farmers when their crop is in danger from raising salinity levels or dropping water levels. This is a major step towards improving irrigation scheduling, water & fertilizer efficiency and also enables protection from rice blast and similar pests.

WaterXM Smart Paddy IoT

WaterXM was developed as part of the DIVA EU project.